a murmur

I want to start blogging again. Not only that, I want to start feeling myself. I feel myself moving out of a two-year mourning period. Indications are: I am asking questions, I am excitable!?, I am being more open and receptive to the world around me, and I am ultimately not drinking everyday/too much; I have began to make food for myself and I have begun to make commitments to relationships, and feel a sense of sustainment and desire to nourish the life around me. I have missed the capacity in which you see beautiful, sweet life. January 19th marks the day my mum died and left me on my own two-feet, and it has been almost too much for me, shaky and lonely and blurry.  But here I am, so I am going to celebrate this and not be mad at myself.

But most importantly¬†for this blog, it means I am going to start posting more, which means writing…and thinking…and feeling myself.

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