Author: stephanieccles

social pigeons

After spending a few months in my ‘to read’ pile, I finally have started Colin Jerolmack’s The Global Pigeon(2013). It feels as if everything that has been coming together (or apart) in my head, he found the proper words to put on paper. I am fascinated by nonhuman animals classified as, synanthropic, animas that prefer for […]

Invasive Species lecture at University of Waterloo

I am incredibly excited for a guest lecturer coming to my school Dr. Tom Stolhgren. This coming Thursday the March 12th, at 5:30pm he will be speaking about invasive species. The event page reads: “Invasive species may be the number one environmental threat  (ohh???) of the 21st century. Invasions from Inner Space: Species Invasions and Extinctions will […]

Politicizing Urban Wildlife

Reading List 1. Urban wild things: A cosmopolitical experiment. Steve Hinchliffee, Matthew Kearness, Monica Degen, Sarah Whatmore. Environment and Planning Development 2005, 23(5). 2. Risky Zoograpgies: The limits of place in avian flu management. Natalie Porter 2012. 3. Tales of cruelty and belonging: In search of an ethnic for urban human-wildlife relations. Erin Luther 2013. […]

Watch out! The complicated tales of ‘invader’ species

“An animal is rarely just an animal. And an animal is particularly precious when wrapped in a flag” (Coates, 2015, pg. 60). A provocative category of animals deemed ‘invasive’ is evoking deep-rooted sentiments of nationalism, racism, colonialism and fear of the foreign or the ‘other’. Thus far, appropriate responses to these creatures is to focus on further rejecting them […]

strange places: finding companion animals in shelters and in cemeteries

Urban Companion Animals Reading List 1. Homeless women’s vices on incorporating companion animals into shelter services. 2011, Jennifer Labreque & Chrstine A. Waslh, 79-96 2.  The emergence of “pets as family” and the socio-historical development of pet funerals in Japan. 2009, Elmber Veldkamp, 333-346 3. The meaning of American pet cemetery gravestones. Stanley Brandes, 2009, […]

A small snapshot of Animal Geographies

I designed this course to begin by building a foundation of knowledge for what constitutes the study of animal geography. Two of the articles I chose this week come from what are considered essential basic texts in this geographical subdiscipline. The first is Animal spaces, beastly places: New geographies of human-animal relations (2000) edited by Chris Philo […]

Independent Studies 402: urban animals / animal geography

I am so happy to confirm that I will be critically reading through texts again this term with the lovely Dr. Anne Dagg. I am going to explore urban ecologies and specifically placing animals within the western city; however the discourses can are witnessed globablly. Within the cityscape, animals hold different physical and ontological places […]