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a shady re-imagination of world(s)

I have been left uncomfortably, with a lingering pit in my stomach, after attending a panel at McGill on “Social and the Environment: Multidisciplinary Perspectives”. The panel was asked to talk about growth/ degrowth/ sustainability/ change/ activism/ society and the environment and more, so the panelists had a range of interesting points, concerns and perspectives […]

a murmur

I want to start blogging again. Not only that, I want to start feeling myself. I feel myself moving out of a two-year mourning period. Indications are: I am asking questions, I am excitable!?, I am being more open and receptive to the world around me, and I am ultimately not drinking everyday/too much; I […]

Kim Tallbear on an indigenous logic of relationality

I just walked home from a talk at ConcordiaU entitled Distrupting settlement, sex, and nature: An indigenous logic of relationality by Kim Tallbear (PhD). This was a talk where your heart explodes exponentially and you cannot stop nodding your head and jotting down the messiest, but most connected notes of your life. This talk invigorated me in […]

Public declarations of pitbull love

Clementine and myself attended a march yesterday organized by “Protection Pitbull” in Montreal, a gathering to recognize the importance of coming together, nonhuman and human animals, to publicly demonstrate the love and solidarity shared between pitbull-tytpe dog’s and humans. The next gathering is set for September 26th, the same day that the mayor of Montreal, […]

“Please do not use this area if you can’t control your dog’s barking.”

Something that has been on my mind for the past few days is the noises that come deep from within Clementine. When we enter into “green spaces” I rile her up and encourage the smokey barks that she possess to flee her mouth. Just the other day during one of our outing’s we were approached […]

The Grid’s “animal, all too human”

I wanted to share my contribution to The Grid’s issue on “Animal, All too Human“. The original posting can be: ______________________________________________________________ A Brief Stroll into the Urbanscape: Pest Animals Rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, opposums, ants, snails, skunks, slugs, pigeons, geese… the list is endless. What unites this list of nonhuman animals is their urban North […]