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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (1905)

I finally had a chance to read Upton Sinclair’s treatise The Jungle. It fulfilled the fiction crave I had as well as offered me some insight into what is called the ‘Sinclair Effect’ or the idea of violence ‘spilling’ over from working in such a violent work place. I have been fascinated by this concept over […]

Food as a Feminist Project: Decolonizing Bodies Through Veganism

I wrote this essay as an assignment for a class through Athabasca University in Alberta for The Anthropology of Gender. I wanted to post it here to possibly get feedback, start a conversation or just to highlight on my blog as it is a very important connection between colonialism, settlers and *food*. I am writing […]

pulsating thoughts

Some thoughts reading pattrice jones… animal liberation is a feminist project. you can make sense of this by tracing similarities of experiences which include arguments that to be female, or nonhuman animal is to be less rationale, restricted by biology, reduced to bodies as well as the dismembering of bodies into commodities  use these, develop these […]

The introduction from Fear of the Animal Planet.

I wish everything was available online, but at least there is this introductory essay Let us Now Praise Infamous Animals in Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance.  This piece introduced me to a piece of history I had no idea about. Engendering this history gives awareness to a time that nonhuman animals were […]

Shrine Circus @ Paris, Ontario

The Shrine Circus is coming to Paris, Ontario this weekend. They, like all traveling circuses have a long history of despicable care and treatment for the performers including: failure to provide proper basic necessities like veterinary care, shelter, food, and water and visible animal abuse when they refused to perform. A cursory google search documents […]

Animals resisting: The Case of the Swift Fox at the Alberta Tar Sands

This news story makes me very happy:   The Swift Fox has somehow been getting into the cafeteria-style lunch room every night and having “unpleasant-smelling” bowel movements on countertops, tables and in the metal serving trays used for hot meals.   The little fox is causing quite the disturbance for the Tar Sand staff in Alberta. […]