My name is Stephanie and this began as a blog for a course about Feminist Animal Liberation/Rights (toggling between the two) and my first steps into critical animal studies. The class is since long complete, and I now have a MSc in Critical Animal Geography (supervised by Dr. Rosemary Collard) and am a Ph.D. student with Dr. Sarah Turner at Concordia University.

I study concepts such as: pest animals, environmental governance, biopolitics, urban spaces, domination, invasive species ..etc.. all within the frameworks of feminism (this encompassess a LOT), anarchist principles, post-colonial studies, critical animal studies/geography.

I co-habit with the most beautiful ginger lion named Burzum, elderbull Clementine, and my anxiety queen Eleanor.

I am an animal liberationist and social justice activist and plan to one day start a feminist collective/bookstore/resource/sanctuary for all beings.